Vanish and Gone—Two: Something new!

Hello, i’m author J.A.Y will inform to all the readers who read this fanfiction. Because starting today Vanish and Gone will be post in my blog for EVEN PART and will REBLOG in here. I hope you all can be understand this decision,
considering the number of SILENT READERS. And the last i’m will protect for NC PART. For readers who want to read it please give your user name. Thank you beforehand and HAPPY READING ! :*

One response to “Vanish and Gone—Two: Something new!

  1. sippp eon!
    tapi nanti seumpama post, eonni share ke twitter ya? Hehehe maaf banyak mau.
    eon, nanti kalau ada yg diprotek kasih PWnya ya? biasanya aku minta’ lewat DM. twitter aku @miqowati dan ID Komen aku Miqo_teleporters.
    sekian eon……

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