Author JILLY ♕

Hi, perkenalkan namaku Retty. Aku punya nama pena jilly.
Aku skrg lagi kuliah smt 6. Aku lahir di taun yang sama dengan sehun, kai, krystal, sulli, suzy, jiyoung, dkk.
I can’t say anything but I do love write. My fav for being my casts are EXO fellas. Yeah, I’m a hardcore fan. Kkkk~
I just wanna say I have enough time for write and update my future stories. It’s such my honour if you would like to welcome me for being the part of SKF’s family. 
Maaf kalo pake bhs inggris bukan bermaksud sok pinter tapi karena aku gak seberapa pinter buat introduction hehehe. Sekian, mungkin ini terlalu pendek but this is represents me enough for this introduction. Thank you so so. 
Warm Regards

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