Author Bermiyaw ♕

Oh, hello there!! *jumps up and down* Let’s introduce my self with English, okay? But let me warn you first *grins*, I’m sucks with introducing or describing myself. Don’t cry when I’m just blabbering here. I’ve warned you! *giggles*

So, it’s author bermiyaw, here. Y’all could called me miyaw or Danni, just choose what do you want. Um, no ,Danni isn’t my name. It’s my nickname in AFF.
My birthday? *laughs nervously* Should I tell you my birthday? Heh, it’s sounds boring, no? So just let’s skip it~ bwahaha!
So, what’s again?
Yes Yessss!! I love TEEN TOP! My ultimate bias of course uri-main vocalist Niel! And at the second place is…. *drums rolling* the rest of TT’s members! Yeayyy! *cheers* bwahaha!! *coughs*
So, *coughs* it’s too long isn’t it? But, hey, I’ve warned you!
Then let’s closing with how y’all contact me, shall we? @bermiyaw is my twitter. And AHNDANlEL/LOL-xD are my AFF accounts.
BYE! *waves cutely*
Oh wait!! I’m a hardcore FUJOSHI~
Please always support this blog! *failed winks* ;;;;)

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